Craftsmen and Worldviews in Dialogue

Perspectives from Seleucid-Parthian Iran

Rough Mountains and Unbroken Shores

Continuity, Standardization and Amalgamation in the Ceramic Record of the Iron Age Mediterranean

Elements in the Material Culture and Art of the Northern Aegean

Beyond First Impressions

Analysis of the iconography, function and regional distribution

Empires of Iron

Forging Communities in War and Peace

Pots and People

Ceramic Containers and Mobility between the Mediterranean and Central Asia

The Civilizing Barbarians

Nomadic Imperial Networks and Trans-Eurasian Circulation in Late Antiquity

Embodied Knowledge, Practice and Materiality

A Theoretical Approach to Eastern Mediterranean Craft Networks

Tell el-Burak

New Light on the Economy of Phoenician Sidon

Made Locally, Read Globally?

The Origins of Tetrarchic Art in the Light of Newly Discovered Nikomedia Reliefs

Entangled Objects and Regional Interaction

A Network Approach to Mycenaeanization on Crete

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Material Entanglements in the Ancient Mediterranean and Beyond investigates cultural, and especially artistic, contacts across a broad swath of the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world from the Middle Bronze Age to the Sasanian Period (c. 2000 BCE – c. 650 CE). It brings together a group of more than 20 scholars researching different aspects of material culture/artistic production in different areas around and beyond the Mediterranean from the second millennium BCE through late antiquity with the goal to explore interconnections, scrutinize theoretical frameworks, and foster much-needed dialogue among different disciplinary/intellectual perspectives.